Thursday, July 5, 2018

MvsM Hockey

MvsM Hockey

MvsM Hockey

MvsM Hockey is a 3-minute, one-on-one hockey battle between you and a computer controlled player available on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch running iOS 8 and above. As you conquer each level throughout the game, you'll find that the opponent gets tougher and tougher. Shoot, check, and fight your way through to the top. Beat the opponent at all levels and you'll win the game! See how many points you can rack up! Download from the App Store for free by clicking the button below.

Practice mode shows on screen instructions

Intense one-on-one hockey action

Knock down your opponent in a fight and make a break for the net

Goalies automatically defend both nets and improve with each level

Rack up points in multiple categories

Rack up points by scoring in the following categories:
Checks and steals vs falls
Goals scored vs goals allowed
Fights won vs fights lost
Shots on goal vs total shots
Bonus points automatically awarded for winning games at higher levels
Bonus points for scoring 7 goals in one game

Each time you win a game (a level), your total points are added to the points earned from the previous levels
If you lose a game, you can continue from the same level, however your total points will start back at 0

If signed into Apple Game Center, your total points will be submitted after beating all levels or when you lose a game
Game concept, design, graphics, development, musical score and sound by Steve Connelly
Player image design by

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Copyright © 2016 Steven Connelly. All rights reserved.


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